The Trending Exterior Wall Tile Designs For Modern Homes
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The Trending Exterior Wall Tile Designs For Modern Homes

Exterior Wall Tile

When we talk about modern homes, the first picture that comes to mind is the exterior walls and floors of the house. With advancing times, customers need a solution for their exterior walls that gives beauty as well as strength to the walls, ensuring that aesthetic and structural needs are met with quality. Exterior wall tiles are one solution that offers you the freedom to add durability to the walls and glorify them with unique patterns and textures.

Tiles are a great way to bring harmony to the visual and structural aspects of the walls. You can choose from versatile designs, colours, textures, and finishes for the walls. Tile manufacturing companies will help you in this process by providing you with world-class tiles. In this blog, we will see the recent trends related to exterior wall tile designs for modern homes and understand how these tile designs can elevate the beauty of your home. 

Why Are Wall Tiles Important For The Exterior?

First, we must understand why having exterior wall tiles is necessary. The wall tiles are an integral part of your home as they help give the walls an aesthetic appeal and strength. Apart from stunning beauty, these tiles make the upkeep your walls very easy. There are various reasons why wall tiles are essential for the exterior space. These tiles add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the visual appeal of your house. They also help give the required strength to sustain harsh weather conditions. The maintenance is also effortless as walls stay protected from stains, dust and debris deposition. Installing tiles on the exterior walls will give your home a new look, and you can also match the yard furniture with versatile tile designs.

Latest Exterior Wall Tile Designs For Your Home

Now, we will talk about the recent trends in exterior wall tile designs that are prevailing in the industry. These tile designs represent the direction in which the tile industry is headed in terms of the exterior walls of your home. Let us see how you can style up the exterior walls of your home using the latest tile designs that integrate colours, textures, and finishes in a harmonious way.

  1. Brick Design In Tiles

In India, houses in remote rural areas are unfinished, and the walls do not have plaster, exposing brick layering. This brick design is perfectly captured in tiles for people looking to give their walls a raw and unfinished look. As rough as the surface illusion on the tiles looks, the texture is entirely even and provides the perfect visual appeal of an imperfect, unfinished wall.

  1. Striped Or Multi-Coloured Tiles

You can also go for striped or multi-colour tiles for exterior walls, as these tiles create a great visual appeal, and you can match the colour scheme of the tiles with various elements of your home. Striped tiles will give your exterior wall a tint of a modern look and an innovative character. Multi-coloured tiles offer innovation and creativity by contrasting or harmonising the colours of the wall with other exterior elements like furniture, surroundings, floor, or garden.

  1. Tiles With A Wooden Finish 

For people looking to escape to their natural habitats in the lap of Mother Earth, wooden tiles are a great way to teleport to a serene environment and connect with nature. The tiles’ visual appeal gives the illusion of wood being installed in identical blocks. These tiles come in versatile shades like brown, sienna, grey, beige and many other colours, embracing a wooden texture that adds a magnificent touch to the walls.

  1. River Rocks Or Stone Craft Style Tiles

If you have ever been to a river, you must have seen those rocks and small pebbles creating a calming and intrusive design. These tiles also capture the same stone design, which creates an illusion of various-sized rocks and pebbles being fitted onto the wall.

  1. Tiles With A Stone Texture

You can choose tiles with a stone texture to give the exterior walls an earthy and rough look. These tiles are great for homes with a simple yet innovative exterior theme. The stone finish is available in various colours, and you can select the best tile size that fits your requirements.

  1. Digital Print Outdoor Tile

You can choose digital print tiles with versatile textures, finishes, and colours to add an extravagant look to your home’s exterior walls. You get a boatload of textures in the digital print tiles, which boast the benefits of easy cleaning, resistance to weather, and no fading, keeping your walls beautiful.


These were the latest design trends in the exterior wall tiles that you can utilise while installing tiles on the exterior walls of your home. Make sure to choose an elegant design that has stunning visual appeal and adds to the character of your home. Apart from choosing the best design, you must select a good tile manufacturing company from which you will source your tiles. The better your tile suppliers are, the greater the reliability and strength of the tiles will be.

Regarding reliable and strong tiles, you can get the most premium tiles from Spenza Ceramics, as we are the leading tile manufacturer in India. We offer you more than 7000 tile designs and 22+ sizes to choose from. Let your creative thoughts wander far and wide in our tile world as we help you select the best wall tiles for the home’s exterior. Contact us now if you want the most aesthetically pleasing and durable tiles that will add elegance, beauty, and strength to the exterior walls of your home.

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