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High Polymer Modified Cement Based Tiles Joint Filler.

High Performance Grout
Excellent Water – Resistance
Designed for Grouting Wall & Floor Tiles, Granites, Marbles, Stones etc.
Natural Antibacterial
Extra Fine Finish
High Resistance to Sunlight
Easy To clean

SPENZA Grout one component water proof grout is ideal for fitting & finishing of all types of tiles, marble and stone’s joints in interior or exterior for both floors & walls, grouting of joint treatment with resistant water type joint.

Application Procedure

Tile Must Be Firmly, Wait At Least 24 Hours Before Starting To Grout The Joints.

Take Spenza Grout 1Kg + 100Ml Spenza Admix & Add Water To Produce A Thick Paste.

The Joint Should be dry .Do not apply on wet joint.
Apply Grout Firmly to Ensure That The Tile Spaces Are Completely Filled.
Remove Surplus Grout.
Allow Grout To Firm Up Then Smooth The Joints By Wiping with Slightly Damp Cloth Or Sponge.

Available in Dark & Light Colours