The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Tiles For Living Room
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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Tiles For Living Room

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One of the essential spaces in your home is the living room, and you need to make its soul look alive and beautiful. To make that possible, you will need the best living room tiles that will add elegance, beauty, and durability to the space and allow you to change the home’s decor theme according to the tiles’ visual appeal.
An attractive and artistic space in your home is a bold character of your home’s decor theme. This blog will guide you in choosing the best tiles for your living room. These factors will ensure that you get the best value for your investment in wall and floor tiles for the living room.

Selecting The Best Tiles For Living Room

The living room is the centre of the home, and it’s important to make it look good by spending what you can on high-quality tiles. These tiles make your living room look better and open up endless ways to decorate it, helping you make a really inviting space. Let us see how you can select the best tiles for the space that is the heart of your home.

1. Budget Considerations

The first step in selecting the best tiles for your living room is to set a realistic budget for the project and explore your sources for premium tiles. A budget forecast will help you choose the right number, quality, and texture of tiles. If you choose rationally, less expensive tiles will look as good as the more expensive ones.

2. Area To Be Beautified

Another factor that will help you select the best tiles for your living room is the area you plan to make more aesthetically pleasing. Once you have an estimate of the living room area you want to decorate with tiles, all you need is to choose the best tile size that perfectly covers all the space with its elegant colour and supreme durability.

3. Durability & Maintenance

The living room gets a lot of human traffic, so it often gets stains and marks from furniture. You should pick a strong tile that’s easy to maintain and clean. Easy-to-clean tiles will make your room look better, and a simple wipe of cloth or dusting will bring out the beauty of the tiles.

4. Temperature Exposure

A connection with nature is also important, and windows are that connection. When sunlight hits the floor and walls, it should reflect in the entire room, and you will need soft-coloured tiles for that to happen. A simple and light-coloured tile illuminates the room and adds to the home’s energy efficiency. You must carefully select a tile that withstands the weather and temperature and makes the most of it.

5. Understand Style Requirements

You need to select a tile’s colour, texture, and finish that complements your living room’s current decor theme and perfectly matches your home’s design language. Select a timeless design with subtle texture and a perfect blend of colours, as this design will be ideal for the walls and floor of your living room.

6. Material Type

The tile market offers various materials; you just need to know which one will be best for you. You can choose between porcelain, ceramic, vitrified, and glazed vitrified with digital design. Every tile material has its unique features and properties. You should choose the one that looks best and makes your living room look elegant and stylish.

7. Seek Professional Opinion

The experts will clear any doubt about the tile manufacturing company, as they have experience helping customers select the best tiles according to aesthetics and structural requirements. Not only will good advice help you choose the most beautiful tile, but it will also help you get the right tile within the stipulated budget.

Choose These Tiles For The Living Room

Now that we have discussed how you need to go around selecting the best tiles for the living room, we have come up with our selection of the most premium-quality living room tiles that will add beauty, depth, and durability to your home’s decor.

1. Endless Nivea Grey

The polished surface of our Endless Nivea Grey tiles will add a flare of smoothness and simplicity enriched with durability and strength. Get these tiles for the walls and floors of your living room, and let them grab the attention of every person who sees them.

2. Endless Passion Bisque

The subtle shades of cream, beige, ochre, and brown of the Endless Passion Bisque tiles will be perfect for adding a luxurious touch to your living room and exhibiting an earthy ambience whenever light reflects from the polished surfaces of the tiles.

3. SG Carrara White

White never goes out of style, and bold strokes of grey add that flavour of lavishness to our SG Carrara White tiles. Elevate your living room’s visual and structural aesthetics by getting these matt tiles that portray nothing but richness.

4. Endless Moscato Bianco

The Endless Moscati Bianco tiles will give those timeless aesthetics to your living room space with its unique blend of colours that appear as a desert of rough textures. The polished surface of these tiles allows ample light to reflect and illuminate the indoors. These tiles are as durable as they are beautiful.


Considering all of this, finding the perfect tiles for your living room is tricky, but the right tile improves your room’s aesthetics and vibes. We have looked at various parameters, such as durability, colour, size, and texture, all of which have critical roles in deciding on one. Remember, the right kind of tiles add to the beauty of your space and guarantee durability and maintenance. 

Reflecting on these basic points has opened your way to making your living room more stylish and elegant. Take a moment to consider your specific needs and style desires for the living room as you decide which tiles will be the best fit for your vision. Trust Spenza Ceramics for premium-quality tiles for your living room. We offer a behemoth of tile designs, sizes, finishes, and colours to quench your creative thirst with tiles. We have every tile you need and a design that complements your decor language.

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