Elevation Tiles: Exploring The Latest Trends And Patterns
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Elevation Tiles: Exploring The Latest Trends And Patterns

Bring your space to a new level with Spenza Ceramics’ Elevation tiles. With the variety of materials, styles and designs available today, you can make any of your exterior walls more stylish. In this blog post, we will provide ideas for boosting tile design as well as tips to maintain so that you get just what you need for an improved look.

Types Of Elevation Tiles

Spenza Ceramics provides a wide range of tiles for your exteriors that come in different finishes; let us have a look:

Stone Rustic Finish -Spenza cermics

A. Stone Rustic Finish

Elevation tiles with a stone rustic finish take architectural aesthetics into a world of timeless allure. Emulating natural stone’s raw, natural beauty, our tiles introduce a rugged elegance to building exteriors. The uneven textures, earthy tones, and authentic feel create a facade that tells a story of enduring charm. Spenza’s stone rustic finish elevation tiles seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, making them a go-to choice for those who appreciate the poetry of ageless design.

Our stone rustic finish tiles for your elevation bring an elemental charm, seamlessly connecting modernity with nature. Examples like Kraft Steel and Kandala Stone contain the enduring appeal of natural stone, while Kraft Moon and Traventine White infuse a contemporary flair into the timeless rustic aesthetic.

Matt Finish - Spenza ceramics

B. Matt Finish

In the world of elevation tiles, the understated sophistication of matt finish takes centre stage. The non-reflective surface of our tiles brings a sense of calm and subtlety to exteriors, making them a preferred choice for contemporary architectural styles. The softened tones and smooth texture create a canvas that allows other design elements to shine. Matt finish tiles for your facade are a testament to the power of simplicity, offering a modern and minimalist touch to buildings.

Embodying sophistication, Spenza’s matt finish exterior tiles like Mocha and Stono Nero lend a subtle elegance. Stono Almond and Titanic Slate Negro, with their muted tones, provide a sense of minimalist design, presenting the fusion of simplicity and style in architectural expression.

Wooden Finish Spenza cermics

C. Wooden Finish

Blurring the lines between nature and architectural design, our tiles for your facade with a wooden finish redefine outdoor aesthetics. These tiles capture the warmth and authenticity of wood, infusing a cosy and welcoming ambience into the exterior of a building. Ideal for those who seek a harmonious blend of natural elements and modern construction, Spenza’s wooden finish tiles offer versatility that extends beyond trends. With various wood tones and grains, our tiles provide an opportunity to create a facade that resonates with organic beauty.

The warmth of wood takes centre stage in these wooden finish tiles, such as Helton Wood and Safari Rose, Sicily Wood, and Calara Brown, redefining modern elegance, while Twin Wenge introduces a bold, contemporary interpretation, elevating architectural design to new dimensions.

Now, let us have a look at a few advantages of using these tiles for your space.

Benefits Of Elevation Tiles

Other than providing an eye-catching look, these tiles have multiple benefits. To understand the advantages of using these tiles, continue reading.

1. Enhanced Durability

These tiles are known for their robust nature and stand as guardians against the tests of time and weather. The durability of these tiles ensures that the exterior facade maintains its integrity, resisting the impact of varying climatic conditions and external elements. Investing in these tiles becomes synonymous with investing in enduring aesthetics.

2. Weather Resistance

The tiles used for your space’s facade can tolerate temperature changes, sunlight, rain, and other weather extremes. The longevity of our tiles is enhanced by their resistance to weathering, which also guarantees that the building’s front will always be visually appealing.

3. Energy Efficiency

This enhances their advantages in a useful way and supports sustainable design principles by encouraging a more energy-aware exterior building design.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Elevation tiles enhance a property’s aesthetic appeal in addition to serving a practical purpose. Architects and homeowners may build eye-catching facades with the varied palette of designs, colours, and finishes that these tiles offer. These tiles are aesthetically pleasing not only because they cover surfaces but also because they may be used to create an exterior that tells a tale of modern design and taste.

5. Versatility

Spenza tiles’ adaptability provides a blank canvas on which architects and homeowners can try out different design ideas. Elevation tiles can be used to achieve a modern or classic facade with ease, or they can be used to create a sleek, rustic charm. They are the perfect option for people looking for distinctive and customised exteriors because of their versatility.

6. Low Maintenance

Elevation tiles’ little maintenance needs are among their best qualities. The surface of these tiles is made to be resistant to dirt, stains, and dust, which makes your routine cleaning easy. Regular upkeep of these tiles guarantees that your exterior keeps its excellent appearance with little effort, lessening ongoing maintenance load.

7. Increased Property Value

A property’s market value is greatly influenced by its curb appeal. Our tiles for elevation add to this appeal by making the exterior seem appealing and well-kept. These tiles add visual appeal to a house and increase its value in the real estate market, making them a smart investment for developers as well as homeowners.

Elevation Tiles Maintenance And Care

The following advice will help you preserve both the longevity and lustre of the tiles: 

  1. Avoid Abrasives: Steer clear of using cleaning products with abrasives that could scratch the tile surface. Longevity is ensured by gentle cleaning.
  2. Inspect Grout Lines: To stop water seepage and preserve the integrity of the tile installation, periodically examine and fix grout lines.
  3. Sealing: To further improve elevation tiles resilience to the environment and their longevity, think about using a protective sealer.
  4. Professional Inspection: Arrange for professional inspections to make sure your elevation tiles last a long time by spotting any possible problems early on and fixing them.

The Crux

The secret to picking the ideal elevation tiles is to choose a reputable tile brand, just like Spenza Ceramics. Reputable tile brands guarantee that your investment will be translated into long-lasting elegance since quality matters. Therefore, selecting a reputable tile company is the cornerstone for a remarkable exterior, regardless of your preference for the natural warmth of wooden finish tiles, the modern delicacy of matt finish tiles, or the rustic attractiveness of stone finish tiles.

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